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Here at I am learning, we want to make sure you, our users, are enjoying the product. If you look to the right, you’ll see our first official blog poll! This is one way to show us what you want.

Also, why not leave a comment below. Maybe you want a specific avatar outfit. Perhaps you’ve got a great idea for a new game. If so, leave a comment! Who knows, maybe your idea will be the next big thing on I am learning!

Remember, you can always leave a comment about any aspect of the product, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

8 thoughts on “Take part in our poll!”

  1. I Like this idea.
    I selected other,my idea is called SPEED!You get 20 questions.You crash into the cars. Slow cars=99 and fast cars=396.You do the activity after every Question. A Bonus Comes from the race at the end if you win your score gets doubled.If you get 12 questions right your score will be multiplyed by 12.If your score is 20,000 or more you unlock a avatar item a red,blue or yellow go-kart


  2. my names olivia and i reckon this is a good game for the younger kids that like fun!!! so heres what ive got… you have like a ball kind of thing and the thing asks you a question about ur topic and it displays 5 possible answers and u have 3 shots to hit the right answer if u dont get it right within the 3 shots then u move on 2 the next question if u get a score of 26 or over then u get which-ever kind of item u like oh and every question u get right its 5 points have fun!!!!!


  3. I like the idea of the car game, though I'm not sure we could get away with smashing into cars! The idea of having larger unlocks eg. the Go-Kart is something we're definitely looking into though.

    Olivia: Keep your eyes peeled, a game very similar to what you're describing is on the way soon! Thanks for your comments guys!


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