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Community unlocks!

Have you got any of the new unlocks yet? Check below to see some of the possibilities!

From cowboy outlaws to Egyptian Pharaohs. From Dinosaurs to futuristic robots. Anyone can unlock them by playing any of the four parts of the Quick Quests series.
Find the Quick Quests games too challenging? Then good news! We’re also offering all the codes as a community unlock. This means that once 500 people have unlocked them, they become available to everyone!
So far the number stands at nearly 100 so get playing now!

7 thoughts on “Community unlocks!”

  1. Hi
    My comment is that I think you should have a larger variety of wallpapers.

    One of the outfits you could have a princess or prom dress.
    And some black high heels!!! Or boots?!

    Also I've got a great idea for a game, you could have a game where you have to make your own movie based on what your task is about!!!!
    Thank You
    From your
    Anonymous Source


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