Christmas Card Competition Winner!

We had some great entries for our Christmas card competition this year, and now it’s time to announce the winner… 
It’s Leo Woods from Everton Primary School! Congratulations to Leo for designing the card that we felt represented I am Learning the best. Leo’s card is currently in the post, on it’s way to hundreds of schools around the country. He is also the winner of 5000 I am Learning points, enough to unlock loads of games!

We had nearly 500 entries this year, so here are just a few of the entries we feel deserve a mention. The designers of these cards deserve a special thank you for making an effort to send us something related to Christmas. Each designer been awarded 200 points, enough for an extra game of their choice!

 We loved the effort that went into Alana W’s card!

Ella D’s card featured some really cute characters that we really liked! 

Lucas R’s card was also a close runner up!

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