Christmas unlock code!

Get into the festive spirit with I am Learning! Get a Christmas tree on your desk and a string of fairy lights on the wall. Enjoy a wintery, snowy view and some brand new wallpapers!
Christmas unlocks – 40400

Enjoy! Also, keep checking back here for another unlock code for a special Christmas avatar outfit to go with the current ones. If you haven’t already unlocked the Santa, Elf and Angel outfits, here’s the code for those too!

Christmas Outfits – 25120

18 thoughts on “Christmas unlock code!”

  1. Enter the codes in your I am Learning room. On the desk drawer there is a grey bar. When you press it, a number pad will appear. Click the numbers until the relevant code is displayed, then press the padlock icon!


  2. this was cool i got a christmas tree for my desk and christmas outfits 🙂 try it now you will find it a good thing to do 🙂


  3. when i do the christmas unlock code,a christmas tree comes out instead of a note and when i click on it, the draw just closes how come


  4. i wanna know something about the phone thing on your desk when you type in the code 01302 because does it stay there on your desk when you log out then log back in on another day please tell me…….


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