How to unlock items

We’ve had many people asking how to enter the unlock codes, so here’s a quick guide to make it easy! Finding the codes, well, that might be a little more difficult!
You will need to be in your I am Learning room.
A key pad will pop up. Click on each number to cycle through 1 – 9. 
Keep clicking until the numbers match the code you have. Then click the padlock icon.
 If the code is correct, the drawer will open. By clicking on the note, it will tell you what your reward is.

That’s all there is to it! You can find most of the codes on this blog, our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.

7 thoughts on “How to unlock items”

  1. If you click on the calender, it should open up a page where you can see your homework. On the left side of this screen there will be a button allowing you to change the picture there.


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