How to unlock new games

In order to make your I am Learning experience easier, here’s part two of our ‘How To’ guides. This time: Unlocking games!

Here is the Game Chooser screen. The games on the left (A) are the ones you’ve currently unlocked. A game with a padlock icon (B) means it is locked. The amount of credits you have are displayed on the right (C). A game costs 200 credits to unlock.

A game that says ‘COMING SOON’ is currently unavailable. Keep checking back, new games are being added all the time!

 If you click on a locked game, this screen will appear. You will be shown a breif description of the game and a screenshot. If it looks like a game that appeals to you, and you have enough credits to unlock it, click the 
‘UNLOCK GAME’ button.
The game will then be added to your unlocked collection. You can play it right away by simply clicking on it’s icon on the left. That’s it. Have fun!

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