We’ve had lots of people asking what games you can get trophies in, so here’s a list! This also tells you what you’ll need for a bronze. To get silver or gold you’ll have to do even better!

Penalty Shootout – A total of 200 goals or more
Bowling – 200 or more in one game.
Fitness Freaks – 55 or more over the four exercises.
Cupidity – At least 180 in one game.
Grand Prix Racing – (Less than) 190 seconds after all four races
Quack Shot – 4000 in one game
Whack a Monkey – 25000 in one game
Lock, Stock and Cabbage – 30000 in one game
SpellCaster – More than 90000 XP in total

 Trophies can be displayed on your windowsill in the I am Learning room. Why not check and see if you’ve got any yet?

53 thoughts on “Trophies”

  1. is there a trophy for spellcaster cause i'm in 11th place and i'm really good at it , if there is not can you plz make one.


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