New Poll!

Thanks to everyone who took part in last month’s poll. We asked whether you’d like more avatar outfits, more wallpapers or more games, and over half of you wanted more avatar parts, so that’s what’s going to happen!

If you’ve got any suggestions of what you want to see, just leave a comment below, and if we like it, we’ll add it into the system!

We’re also working on a new layout for the avatar creation screen, and more games featuring the avatar!

Meanwhile, why not take part in out new poll. We need to know what types of games you want to see in 2012, so choose one from the list on the left, or suggest your own!

17 thoughts on “New Poll!”

  1. I would like to have more maths on it and more revision and i would also like new backround and new games on i am learning because the old game in 2011 i have unlocked it and i have done every single one


  2. I love the idea of the retro game hats! We can think of some great ideas for that theme here, and that's definitely something I'll work on very soon!

    Backgrounds for the avatar is an idea we've been playing around with for some time now. We're planning on changing the layout of the avatar page soon, so maybe this will be added then.

    As for the content, you can always ask your teachers for more maths, as they can add as much as they like. We're also planning on releasing plenty of games this year, so don't worry about that!


  3. When is Inflatable Iamables coming out because I really want to have a go with it with my friends?

    I also been talking to my friends about this poll and they wanted this thing where you can go out of your room and meet other Iamables to help you with games. I thought it was a great idea because it can really help in the games, in communication and learning.

    I hope you think about mine and my friends views and maybe even use it. Beacause i know my friends will use it alot.

    I actually haven't explained it fully so I will. You could add a little door under the table which leads out into a garden or field and if you see your friends or just anyone you roll over them with the mouse to see who they are. But they can only find their friends if they are in the garden or field. And you could call it something like Iamables Intaractive Immediate Idendity Interaction on a banneror just when you roll over an object.


  4. Hi there. Inflatable Iamables is one of our highest priorities right now, and should be out very soon. Once this game is out, more and more multiplayer games should be released quite quickly.

    I really like the idea of meeting your friends etc, and the Iamable is a great way of achieving this. Your idea shows a lot of creativity, and is clearly well thought out. Something like this would be well worth looking into for a future development, so thanks for the idea!


  5. A friends list is something we'd like to add at some point. It would be great to compete with your friends in all the games, and once the multiplayer games are released, this feature would be even better. You can be sure we'll look into it soon!


  6. We aren't looking at changing the layout of the room anytime soon. We have looked into the idea of a trophy cabinet, or collection room. This is something we would like to focus on in the future.


  7. i suggest you put football kits for (barca, real madrid, chelsea, man u and man city)
    any way thanx for the new spain kit


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