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IAL Cricket

Lots of you have been asking us for a cricket game for a long time now, but now the wait is finally over! IAL Cricket is out now! Choose one of sic teams and take to the wicket to score as many runs as you can in six overs. We’re really proud of this game, and we hope you all like it. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment here, or on our Facebook page! Have fun!

4 thoughts on “IAL Cricket”

  1. Ive been brought up to always do 2 hearts (good) and a Dream (improvement) so thats what Im gunna do! 😀

    1) I love when theres 'easter eggs' in a game, and when the man in the back said HOWZAT! it made me smile so big!
    2) This game requires so much skill – its not just luck. Its going to take me a LOT of time to be a pro! I may be first in my school right now but 159 in the world!

    3) Games like this can be really repetitive as your doing the same thing the whole way through. For example, you could switch being bowling to batting to being a fielder! Would be pretty awesome 😛

    Cant wait for whats next!,
    Rob 🙂


  2. We're really glad people are enjoying the game! Rob, I like the idea of bowling, fielding etc, it would definitely add more to the game. However it would have took a lot longer to make, and since it's only one thing, it's easier to practice! 159th in the world is pretty good since over 1000 people have played!


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