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Iamable Quick Fire

We know that lots of you use ‘Quick Fire’. It’s a great way to focus purely on the questions, and a great way to quickly earn credits for new games. We also know that some of you might find it a little boring!


That’s why we’ve made ‘Iamable Quick Fire’. This is basically the same as ‘Quick Fire’, but a little more interesting! It’s free for everyone, so no need to unlock it! Tell us what you think by leaving a comment!

7 thoughts on “Iamable Quick Fire”

  1. Once again, 2 goods and a improvement!
    – It really gives a taste of how much you actually know on the subject, as there are so many questions to answer compared to some of the games.
    – I love how my Iamable is included. I think they should be included in every game ever made from now on! XD

    -Even with this stuff added, Im probably never going to play it again. I go onto Iamlearning for my revision as the games make in enjoyable, and this really isnt a game.

    Cant wait for whats to come!


  2. Cheers Rob. I'm trying to put the Iamable in most games from now, in fact I'm working on another game with the Iamable right now! Good to hear the feedback. Many people use our system purely for Quick Fire, so I wanted to make a more interesting version, it seems to have gone down well!


  3. I really love this idea. Your site has helped hundreds!

    I want to ask, the kids have been asking can you enable a chat funtuality so you can chat to friends in class who have iamlearning? PLEASE REPLY.
    much love
    -Selena Drew


  4. Thank you Selena, we're glad you are enjoying the site! As for a chat function, this isn't something we are looking at for the moment. Having chat functions opens many doors to cyber-bullying, inappropriate chatter etc that we would really want to keep away from. When the Multiplayer games are released, we may integrate some low level functionality, the ability to select phrases from a list (Good game, hello etc). Thank you for your comment!


  5. I love this idea! On the subject, can we have a chat button which you cannot type your comment but can choose from a range of appropriate greetings? Thanks, ~Vikesh


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