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New Game!

Check out our latest game! It’s an arcade classic, and it’s incredibly addictive! Block Breaker! Control your paddle with the mouse and bat the ball into the explosive blocks to rack up loads of points! We think this is going to be hugely popular, so play it now and tell us what you think!

9 thoughts on “New Game!”

  1. Im sure your annoyed from hearing from me, but meh – the 2 stars and a wish must be heard! 😀

    – You are doing amazing on your backrounds now. I only realised on the 3rd round that My Iamable was floating around! XD
    – The Powerups are awesome. I have so many images of sequels to the game with lightning boltt balls, and uh, so many crazy stuff 😛

    – Ive found that Spellcaster is one of my favourite games as its the most creative AND it has a amazing storyline. If maybe their was some wacky scientist trying to take over the world, i might of just had that urge to blast those blocks a bit harder 😉

    You are racking out the games Iamlearning! Amazing! The multiplayer is making go insane 😛



  2. I'm not annoyed at all! These comments are great to hear. They help me figure out what I need to work on. I'm glad you're liking this game. This style is definitely something I will expand on in time, and a storyline based version with extra powers etc is certainly on the cards! As it happens, Spellcaster was possibly my favourite game I worked on, I enjoy developing games that are also stories.


  3. maybe try putting more levels in as well please, it will make it more interesting,and every level gets harder and harder


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