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New Game – Beat That: Mini-Monsters

The recently released Mini-Monster Creator is already looking to be very popular. We thought it’d be fun to show off some of the many possibilities, so we’ve released Beat That: Mini-Monsters. This top-trumps style game pits 40 Mini-Monsters against each other in a battle of skill and strategy (and a little luck)! Here’s a preview of some of the cards. To see them all? Well, you’ll have to unlock the game!

 Doragon roams the Scorched Lands, protecting the forgotten Ancient Temples from robbers and thieves. He will use his vast array of magical abilities to make sure no harm comes to the hidden treasures.  

 The Ko are a tiny, shrew-like race who live deep underground. It is said that they use their teleportation powers to appear to miners lost in the caverns, and guide them to safety.

 Apparently, seeing a Shimo in the wild will bring you good luck. They live in the coldest areas of the planet, often hibernating for up to 10 years. It is believed that Shimo live forever.

 The Uni are referred to as “The Plague of the Deep”, attacking navy submarines and boats in the ocean. They bear a grudge to humans for staking a claim on the seas, and the Uni will stop at nothing to reclaim it…

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