New community unlocks!

The question I get asked the most is how you unlock the purple armor my Iamable is wearing. It’s been exclusive all this time, but now, I’m making it available to everyone, along with a matching princess outfit for those who don’t think the armor will suit them! But there’s a catch… Before the codes for these outfits are released, we need more than 1000 likes on our Facebook page. Once our number of likes is above 1000, the codes will be released to everybody! As a bonus, those of you who ‘Like’ our Facebook page will also get exclusive Iamable unlock codes!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to visit our new and improved Facebook page. You’ll find many codes that aren’t anywhere else. If you don’t have a Facebook page, why not ask your parents to ‘Like’ it? The more people on the page, the more unlocks will become available!

24 thoughts on “New community unlocks!”

  1. If you don't have a Facebook account, it's no problem! The outfits will be made available to everyone once the page reaches the 1000 'likes' target. If your parents or older brothers or sisters have an account, why not ask them if they can 'like' the page?


  2. If you have liked the facebook page when will you get the extra codes and do you also have to put your i am learning username in a message because i did


  3. were close now! I think it's less than 150 to go am I right! I had to guess because I don't have a Facebook account.


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