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All I am Learning unlock codes so far!

Many people are asking for codes, but nobody has unlocked EVERY costume yet, so for those of you who are missing items, here is every single code released so far! There are nearly 100 items of clothing for your Iamable here, just waiting to be unlocked, so go for it! OK here we go… 
02010 – England Football Kit
20120 – England Football Away Strip
01680 – Pirate outfit (arrr!)
31100 – Halloween 2010
25120 – Christmas 2010
74115 -Witch dress and Hockey Mask
72076 – Goth shirt, emo hair and mask
11577 – Witch dress and shriek mask
99068 – Vampire coat and Medusa hair
70760 – Werewolf outfit
51111 – Guy Fawkes mask, coat and hat
18605 – Wedding dress and tuxedos
18590 – Wild West gear
13410 – Ancient Egypt outfits
10693 – Dinosaur costume and T-Shirt
03011 – Robot and Astronaut outfits
02512 – Reindeer nose and antlers
61796 – Mime shirt, face-paint and hat
02020 – Cricket Kit
21212 –  Chef whites and hat
Phew! That’s everything! Now what crazy combinations do you think you can make with that lot?! We’re taking a break from making new parts for a few weeks, but there will be more in a while. What would you like to see? Leave a comment with ideas and we’ll make the best ones!

479 thoughts on “All I am Learning unlock codes so far!”

  1. It would be nice if we could have a PvP (Player vs Player) mode to games like spellcaster, championship tennis, ect. Please take this into consideration. TQ.

    P.S pls fix saint George’s armour cheat code


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