Animal hat unlock codes!

We’ve had LOADS of ideas for new Iamable outfits sent through. Retro game hats, animal costumes, army outfits, school uniforms and more! They won’t be ready for a while yet, but for now, here’s a small selection of animal hats!

13212 – Animal Hats

Also, as an update to those of you who want the legendary Dragon Armour and Radiant Princess Dress, the Facebook page needs just under 200 ‘likes’ now! If you’ve got a Facebook page an haven’t ‘liked’ us yet, then head there and do it now! Supporting that page makes it possible to release more and more codes in the future!

11 thoughts on “Animal hat unlock codes!”

  1. Yay! You included my Retro hat idea in the blog post! 😀

    and OMG this penquin hat is amazing….I dont care if Summer's coming up, my Iamable shall be wearing it for a crazy amount of time!!


  2. i would like outfits… the ones that follow 🙂
    hmmm how about a fairy wand, fairy outfit, ballet shoes with satin bows,tomboy outfit,PROPER high heels NOT squidgy things!!!!
    could you please see what you can do?
    oh and as an after thought…
    lets see- clown outfit,gymnast outfit,street dancer outfit,floral bandanna, swishy beautiful hair
    could you do this please? (i hope you can!!!) eeeeeek!
    thank you very much! 🙂


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