Super Hero and Fairy Queen Unlocks!

Earlier this week we revealed the Paragon Super-Hero outfit, and the Fairy Queen outfits. Well here’s how you get them! This blog has been really popular with you guys, and we’re really happy about that! This is why these outfits have been made, as a thank you to everyone who has been visiting this site. On the right you can see a page view counter. Once that number reaches 100,000 we shall release the codes to everyone! As you can see, we’re well above 90,000 so far, so it won’t be long at all! Make sure to check back often to see how we’re doing!

Also, remember to ‘like’ our Facebook page. You can use the new ‘Like’ button under the log-in box on the I am Learning homepage. We only need 90 ‘likes’ now before the Dragon Armour and Radiant Princess Dress outfits are released!

17 thoughts on “Super Hero and Fairy Queen Unlocks!”

  1. wow these costumes are amazing i couldn't be bothered ever going on it but then i had nothing better to do so i went on it and i just.. just… loved it it i am learning is truly the most amazing learning website ever.! keep it up i am learning (and the team of course)


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