Under construction…

Has anyone noticed something different in your IAL room?
Check the window… 

The I am Learning Summer Games Village is under construction and the games start on May 1st 2012. The I am Learning Summer Games will see the return of old classics like Diving and Sprinting, as well as a bunch of new games like Trampolining, Long Jump, Javelin and more! There’s even a separate leader board for these events, meaning that if you do well enough, you’ll unlock medals for your Iamable!

There’s loads more, including a new area to explore, new Iamable outfits and the chance to get your hands on some amazing prizes. So spread the word!

11 thoughts on “Under construction…”

  1. when would the new olympics outfits come out because i've been waiting for them about 4 months and this is the last time i'm asking


  2. Can we have a differnet desk like a colourful one or maybe a different computer please would you agree with me.and maybe have a bed in our room that we can design.


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