Finally, after many long weeks of waiting, the Facebook page has hit 1000 likes! This means that the Dragon Armour, our most requested Iamable item is now available! Thanks to everyone who has liked the page so far! There will be another target coming soon, but for now, enjoy!
Dragon Armour and Radiant Queen – 10001

22 thoughts on “DRAGON ARMOUR!”

  1. hey guys olympic is open how COOL is it i think it's GREAT if any one else thinks so post a coment on the olympics plz


  2. This is not to do with the IAL games although theyr'e epic. I had a suggestion for new unlock codes. It is that we could have a shope where we could spend some of our IAL credits on new Iamable clothes. I think it would be cool.


  3. I completely agree. The shop is an idea we have been looking at in much detail. We hope to start making a shop over the summer, full of loads of Iamable outfits and more!


  4. I agree as well sounds absolutely brilliant though Iamable clothes should be less than the games, to clarify less than 200 points.

    Also can you hurry up with the new games like tower defence and time fighter plzzzzzzzzz


  5. ah man… ya see Im in Y6 and my high school doesn't have IamLearning…. do you have to have an account with your school or is there a way that you can have an account otherwise?


  6. hi i think we should have a superhero costume please can you tell me first the code so that i can check it out


  7. make a demon and angel outfit….and another dragon armour but this time brighter colours like blue or white and gold please


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