Prizes to be won!

Thousands of people have been playing our new Sports Games, and we’ve had loads of positive comments about the Games in general. We’re happy to announce the prizes on offer for those people who are on top of the overall leaders at the end of the events. To clarify; the people who are first, second and third on the overall leader boards for the IAL Games will get a choice of prizes.

The top three students at the end of the Games will be able to choose from our great selection of prizes:
1st Place: Sony PlayStation 3, X-Box 360, iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, a Tablet PC or a PS Vita
2nd Place: Nintendo Wii, Tablet PC, Nintendo 3DS, Kobo VOX or ‘Beats by Dre’ Headphones
3rd Place: Official Olympic Kit, iPod Nano, Apple TV, Video Games (up to a cost of £100) or a Blu-Ray Player

The leading school at the end of the games will win £500 to spend on sports equipment of their choice.

16 thoughts on “Prizes to be won!”

  1. Woah – its so insane! Even the games I think Im good at are completly blown away by all these avid gaming kids scores.

    Ill just have to save up my money for the prizes I wanted just like all us normal folk! 😛


  2. That's funny. I am really bad at sport in real life but I'm actually quite good online! 😛 Well, they do say I'm a game freak…


  3. how do you get the gameboy/DS i realy wanna know because my freingd witness has one and he wont tell me


  4. Maybe if you're still deciding, you can probably have a feature where you can “download” your top ten favourite games onto your games console using some of your credits so you can have a shortcut to all your favourite games! And the good thing is that when you don't like a certain game anymore, you can replace it free of charge!


  5. HEy thre people i dont know im missy marno ,and im learning on i am learnng



  6. Could you please give the remaing prizers to the people who has the most revition time ? pleasee i tried my hardest for this gave and i know it wont let me down please you respnd thank you 🙂


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