The Games so far!

The IAL Games are in full swing now! We’ve had an amazing 53,000 competitors in the past week alone, and more people have been using the system than ever before! There’s still opportunity to grab the gold on the events and win yourselves some great prizes like games consoles and more!

Unfortunately, we have had some instances of people cheating. Anyone who we find to have been cheating will have their scores removed. The I am Learning Games Committee view cheating very seriously, and it will not be tolerated

Thanks to everyone who is enjoying the Games. Keep playing!

14 thoughts on “The Games so far!”

  1. It isn't to do with the games…again? šŸ˜› but it would be cool if we had an unlock code forsome wallpapers like an ice palace and chocolate palace…also music notes.. thank you for taking the time to read the comment.


  2. Hello, I was wondering I accidently changed the champions league to overall scores. Do you know how I can change it just to my schools scores on the champions league board?


  3. i'm on the look out for char rooms can you make this happen please it would be well cool and thoughs that can cheet glad your gone on glad that there account is been kept an eye on because i'm not a cheeter i am king honest and sharing deffinetly not a cheeter !!!!


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