Have you played Rowing yet? It’s part of the IAL Games, but it’s our least played game. That means if you’re looking to get a medal, it might be an easier way to go! You can find it by clicking on the lake in the IAL Games village, or just find it in the Sports category.

8 thoughts on “Rowing”

  1. I found this game difficult the first few times I played it 'cos when that man tells us to hit certain buttons, I thought we had to hold that button during the duration of the instruction being displayed. It took me a very long time to get to the finish line. And then I realised we only had to press it when he says to rather than hold it… That's when it became easier.

    P.S. When you play Sprinting and you had to press spacebar when the circles match on the starting block, it says “PERFE” instead of “PERFECT”. And when we play triple jump, shouldn't the end be a bit longer 'cos some people land waaay past the end! That's gotta hurt for the athlete… 😛 lol


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