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Sneak Preview!

What do you think of our new look Iamables? 

We’re completely redesigning them! We hope to make them look even better, with more detail and more items. Also, we heard you wanted a shop? Well we listened, and we’re currently working on a HUGE shop where you’ll be able to browse hundreds of outfits to make your Iamable truly unique! 

 We also know that you guys have been requesting more female items, from dresses to tiaras, from new hair to new shoes. Well we promise these are coming too!

These changes are just one of the things we’re going to be working on over the summer, so next year, your I am Learning experience will be even better! We’re also going to be looking at improving the room, adding achievements and games related rewards and, of course, lots of really great games!

47 thoughts on “Sneak Preview!”

  1. Cool! They look amazing. I'm definitely gonna be changing my outfit soon!

    P.S. Can you try to animate the Iamables? Instead of them just standing there still blinking, we could choose an action like waving or hopping!


  2. You spelt “Sneek” wrong… And I spotted a spelling mistake in one of the questions, but I can't remember though, soz! It says “doe” instead of “does”.


  3. I have a problem… When I place the tiara on my Iamable's head, it's in the right place. But when I save it and go into my room, the tiara moves up my Iamable's head and looks weird! So when I click on the photo frame again, the tiara is still odd and I have to get rid of it. But when I try to put another hat on, it goes in the same place so I have to remove any hat, save, exit, then come back on it so I can put the hat on normally again. But the tiara problem happens every time I put it on! Any help, please? Thx


  4. Thanks for pointing this out. We will take this issue into account as we redesign the Iamable creator over the summer. Rest assured it will definitely be fixed soon!


  5. would it be possible to create an ed sheeeran type iiamable(scruffy ginger hair acoustic guitar duffer tshirt all the works) as i am a sheeranator.if this is not posible could you make it posssile to change the colour of hair eyes ect as it gets a bit boring being limited.i am a big fan although it may not look like it with all the complaints.soz.
    fom your buddy
    the ginger ninja
    Grace G


  6. We've had a few requests for this. With the new shop, you'll be able to create almost an exact replica of Ed, I'll make sure of that! Also you will have the ability to change the colours of eyes, hair and even clothes!


  7. which one ed sheeran or being able to change the colour of stuff.i also had another brilliant brain wave.could we have stuff in our rooms to represent us like guitars books posters and ornaments.thanks again your buddy
    the ginger ninja
    Grace G


  8. i think its a really good idea and im deffinatly going on this next year.

    P.S. can you make some new codes for the draws i’ve unlocked all of mine thx 🙂 😉


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