What we’re up to!

We’ve had loads of interest in our upcoming Iamable shop, so I thought I’d share a few bits of info!

  • So far we’ve redrawn EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the Iamable creator.
  • We’ve made 60 new outfits, with more being made every day.
  • Work has started on a ‘pets’ section, which will mean your Iamable can have a pet kitten, dog, fish, bird, even a dragon!
  • The design of the creator has been completely remade, meaning it’s easier to find your unlocked items!
  • We’re working on a rear view of your Iamable. Hopefully this means we can feature your Iamable in even more games.
  • More animated parts! Waving, dancing, we’ll have it all!
  • You can now change the colour of EVERY item, including beards, skin tone, shirts, shoes… Everything!
Hopefully you’ll all love the new creator. We’re working really hard on this, and we think it’ll be amazing! I’ll post a few pics of the new items soon.
And don’t worry! We’re still focusing on more new games, new features and wallpapers ready for September! 

23 thoughts on “What we’re up to!”

  1. thats not fair because i'm not gonno be in my school next yaer because i'm going to a secondary school and i wont be able to see this amazing lamable shop of yours.


  2. Depending on which Secondary school you go to, if they have I am Learning, your account will be passed over, so you can still use it! If they haven't got it, we also provide a home system, so you can continue to use I am Learning to revise for Secondary exams and more!


  3. Credits are earned via how well you do in the exercises. For example, if you get 100% in ICT, you get 35 credits. You earn more in Maths, English and Science, and even more if you do work over the weekend.

    The points on the overall leader board are different. You earn 1000 for being first overall on a game leader board.


  4. can you do it so that we can import pictures from our computer for our calender as i play the acoustic guitar but all the guitar pics are electric which is kinda annoying as i dint like any others if not please put an acoustic or a pic of ed sheeran. also i think we should be able tohave things in our rooms to represent us and in respect to the shop are you going to charge credits
    thanks a lot
    your buddy
    the ginger ninja
    Grace Gibbs


  5. We won't be charging for access to the shop or anything, but the clothes in the shop would have to be bought with credits. We would look at how credits are gained, and maybe increasing the amount of credits you get.


  6. We can't use imported pictures I'm afraid. It's something we've thought about, but we feel that some (not all) would abuse it, and use inappropriate images. What I will do though is upload an acoustic guitar for you! It'll be there next time you log in!


  7. Unfortunately in the current room there's not really enough space for things like this. If we change the room design then we'll look at doing this. For now, the calender is enough.


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