Coming Soon!

We’ve had loads (and loads) of requests for what people want to see in our upcoming shop. We always want to make sure what we’re making is what’s wanted, so keep those suggestions coming! We can’t promise we’ll add them all, but here’s a sneak peek of what ‘s to come in September!

Anything else you guys want to see leave a comment, and we’ll see what we can do!

77 thoughts on “Coming Soon!”

  1. If we could have birthday or charcter styled costume for example:
    Sonic the Hedgehog,
    and ect.
    That would be cool!!!
    What about other stuff like handbags that they could hold?


  2. could we have cheaper clothes and more clothes like, seasons clothes and similar cloths to fav tv shows.

    thanxs for reading this and bare it in mind

    emma bramley the hayfield school.


  3. and also culd we have more shoes as there is hardly any shoes for most of the outfits we wear. thnxs and plzssss culd u do this.


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