Iamable Backgounds

Have you noticed some changes in the Champions League?

You can buy a range of backgrounds for your Iamable in the shop. Everything from snowy mountains to tropical beaches. You might even recognise some from our games!

So which is your favourite? What backgrounds would you like to see? Are you top of any leader boards and just want to show off? Leave a comment below!

13 thoughts on “Iamable Backgounds”

  1. i wish to be able to change the size of every thing on the iamable as the head dwarfs every thing else so my iamable looks scary{unlike the person who i modeled it after{ed sheeran} who is very hot}


  2. In your bedroom can your imable be sitting on a chair and can we change the colour of the chair and the computer and the desk and the light and can you put a new item on the accessories section can you put a ipad and different types of gadgets and when is the nearest month the pets are coming out?


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