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Latest game!

Have you played our latest game, TIME FIGHTER yet? 

Play as a rookie space pilot, caught up in the centre of an epic space battle against the evil Space Emperor.

  •  Fight through time!
  • 6 different time periods; 1911, 1942, 2013, 2142, 3011 and 3012!
  • Take on hundreds of enemies, including jet fighters, bi-planes and stealth bombers!
  • Destroy huge bosses!
  • Upgrade your ship!
  • 6 different weapons like machine guns, lasers and powerful ion cannons!
  • Classic side-scrolling shooter action!

The game is out now, so why not play it, and leave a comment below saying what you think!

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  1. No. If they have an account, they can use their own. You should NEVER give out any account information to other people. They could use your account to send inappropriate messages to teachers, or influence your scores etc.


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