Rain, rain, go away!

We hope none of you are too miserable due to the awful weather we’re having up and down the country! Make sure you don’t let your Iamable get caught out in the rain with our new range of items available in the shop! We’ve added raincoats, umbrellas and even a group of clouds above your Iamable’s head!

They’re all available in the shop now! We’ve also added our first ‘Legendary Item’, the golden, ceremonial sword! Don’t worry, it’s blunt, so you won’t hurt anyone with it, it just looks real fancy! You best get saving though, as it costs 99,999 credits!

25 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away!”

  1. what catagory are the rain products in I don't have the foggiest clue and how much will they cost i've only got 99 credits! ( better keep revisng!!)


  2. If someone was unsure which game to buy it would be useful if there was a tester button so then we could click it and play it so we know which game to buy because someone might spend all of their credits on one game that they find boring.


  3. I think it would be great if you could change the colour of things in your room e.g desk,computer,computer mouse and keyboard,chair,phone .And it would also be great if there was a tester button next to every game so if someone was stuck on which game to buy but there would be a restricted amount of times you could click the tester button it is an idea please try! and when are the pets coming?


  4. This is a nice idea. We love the idea of customisation in the room, but we don't want the room to become a massive distraction from the work. That's why we have limited it so far. It may be something we look at changing in the future.


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