Today is a very special day. Why? This very blog is celebrating its first birthday! We’ve had an amazing year! We’ve got nearly 1000 comments over 86 posts, and nearly a quarter of a million people having visited! We want to thank everyone who visits this page, without you, we’d have no blog, and that would mean no new unlock codes, no new Iamable parts and no ideas for new games, so thanks!

Check out the Hats, Accessories and Mouth category for the new items!

 To help us celebrate, we’ve added a whole bunch of party gear into the IAL shop! Best of all, they’re on sale! You can pick up a party hat for just 10 credits, whilst a balloon is only 25 credits. However, you may want to save up for our second legendary item: THE SOLID GOLD PARTY HAT (RRP: 50,000 credits).

31 thoughts on “PARTY TIME!”

  1. Just wondering; how are unlock codes actually used?
    Also, just to let you know, Eeny Meeny Mining Moles is the best game ever c;


  2. Unlock codes are entered by clicking on the grey bar on the drawer in the IAL room. A grey keypad will pop up. Just input the code there, press the padlock icon and you're done! The drawer should open and your goodies will be inside! Hope this helps! Also thank you! I made Eeny Meeny Mining Moles, and it's one of my favourites too!


  3. Well, you're super-awesome then c:
    Thanks for the help. Are you going to make a trophy for it any time soon? And possibly reset the Champions League?


  4. There are LOADS of codes on this blog. If you click the 'Blog Archive' links on the right hand side you should be able to find plenty! There are also lots of hidden codes in the games! Good luck finding them!


  5. Um, our classes and forms haven't changed on the leaderboards yet! Is our school meant to change them or does it stay like that once you join?


  6. hi just want tot let you know that long jump has gone dodgy so i cant thrash everybody as 2 people have overtaken me in my school when i have always been top of the leader board at my school
    your buddy
    the ginger ninja
    ps can you do a ginger ninja outfit and an orange wallpaper with a union jack#
    thanks again
    your buddy
    the giger ninja


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