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New Game: Mach-1 Moles!

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

For those of you who have played Eeny-Meeny Mining Moles, you’ll already know that the moles who work there have a somewhat… unconventional attitude to work. They’ve now come up with the idea that the best way to collect precious gemstones, is to fly around caves with a jet-pack!

  • Mach 1 Moles is the second game to feature the moles who work at the Eeny-Meeny Mining Company.
  • Based on classic spaceship landing games like Lunar Lander and Gravitron.
  • Landing on the platform at the end of each level will double your score.
  • Try to collect the diamonds and gold bars, as they are worth the most points.
  • The game stores your highest score!

3 thoughts on “New Game: Mach-1 Moles!”

  1. Hi, just wondering; how do you actually play this game? After trying clicking randomly and pressing the arrow keys, I resorted to randomly hitting the keyboard, something I knew that could only lead to my head coming into contact with the computer and/or the said keyboard; inevitably leading to a breakage! Therefore, I presume that isn't the answer(!) (If you'll pardon the pun) Also, out of curiosity, what type of coding did you use for Eeeny Meeny Mining Moles? (this particularly, as it is a firm favourite of mine; if you'll pardon the pun!)Just so you know, it's to back up my argument that learning Java coding is completely useless.
    Over and out,


  2. Hey EF.
    Firstly: The game is played by holding the up arrow key to add thrust. Then the arrow keys rotate your mole. A combination of the arrows will make it so you can effortlessly glide across the screen! We do apologise for the loss of your keyboard, guess it's mouse only games for you from now on!
    Secondly, we use Flash Pro (CS5.5) to design the games, and code in Actionscript 3. It's a similar structure to Javascript. Remember though, hugely popular games, Minecraft and Runescape for example, are coded in Java. You could argue Flash is dying out faster!


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