Pets update!

Hey guys. We’re aware the blog has been a little quiet the past few days. That’s because we’re working so hard on the pets, so we thought we’d show you guys a few of the things we’re up to!

First off, the pets should be released this month. We’ll be launching with probably a handful of different pets, with more to come soon after release.These will include dogs, cats, hamsters, even pigs and dinosaurs!

What’s really cool, is that when you buy a pet, you’ll unlock FIVE new games! You’ll play these games with your pet, and by playing them you will increase your pet’s happiness level.

If your pet is happy, it will compete in competitions and events, which could win you points and Iamable parts. You’ll need to log in often to keep your pet happy.

We hope this has answered a few of your pet-related questions. We’re really looking forward to releasing them, and we hope you’ll love them!

31 thoughts on “Pets update!”

  1. HI IAMLEARNING ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    + +


  2. i am wondering where you buy the pets because i requested wheather i am learning could have pets . but i don't no where you buy them CAN ANYONE HELP . Thank you iamlearning for bringing in pets .


  3. Will some one help me how do ya get a pet i love hamsters and dogs and cats not sure on pigs and where do u buy them from and can you have loads at a time and can you feeed them and dress them and give them a name xx plz hellpppppp thank you xxxxxxxxxxx
    ALL thank you all thank you aLL VERY MUCH XXX


  4. hello Iamlearning
    I was wondering if the games we unlock with pets will be new games created especially or can you choose from the current games available?
    Thanks a lot


  5. pet sandy and spongebob and please can you reply every time i post something nobody says “okay i'm going to look into that” or “good idea so please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Sorry! I do try to reply to all posts but some slip through the net. Spongebob would be a cool pet, but there's the problem we always have which is copyright, we just wouldn't be allowed to add him into our system. Sorry!


  7. Can I just tell a story I have 45000+credits s I brought a pet and played catch a treat and I score 720 and my pet happiness increased by 7 then i play again and score 107,567 and pet happiness increased by 0. Is that a glitch or something please reply!


  8. Weird! All I can guess is that it meant to say 10 and got confused! Regardless, it will have saved your happiness correctly, as that's done in our databases! I'll have a look to make sure it' OK! Thanks.


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