Pet Shop

Good news everyone. The pets are finally out! Choose from 15 different pets ranging from cats and dogs to dinosaurs and dragons!

Change the colour of your pet, then take them into the special games to make them happy!

You’ll need to log in every single day to keep your pet happy. Though don’t worry. Play a couple of games, and it will soon cheer up!

The happier your pet is, the more chance you will have of winning a prize! Prizes range from Rosettes and badges, to full Iamable outfits and even huge credit bonuses!

Pet games will increase pet happiness even more than normal ones. Your pet will also show on the Champions League. A happy pet will look very different to a sad one, so you can show off just how good an owner you are!

Also don’t worry, for those of you wondering where the Racing games are, they are now found in the Sports category! So have fun everyone, and keep an eye out for more pets coming in the new year!

45 thoughts on “Pet Shop”

  1. i was wondering if you could create a game that gives you like lodes of credits but to unlock it, you have to have like 25 games unlocked and you can play it with your pets. and i was also wondering if you can create another game that gives you unlock codes instead of credits to get cool stuff for your avatar. and you don't publish he codes on the blog so you have to unlock the game to get the codes to get cool stuff. ????


  2. There are games already that have codes in them that aren't available anywhere else. We've had this suggestion before for a game with LOADS of codes, so maybe it's something we'll look into!


  3. Hi Grace. We're sorry the guinea pig didn't make it into Gen 1. We wanted to make sure the pets in the first release were very varied. We'll be adding loads more over the course of the year, so that will give us some scope to add more rodents, more dogs, more fish etc.


  4. i'm going to buy the cute fish but the animals cost alot so do you reckon we could up the credits a little and could we get a pet spongebob that'll be cool!!!


  5. I don't think it's fair that you can't buy games without a pet, 5000 credits is a lot to save up, and I'm not able to log in every day because I've got a life


  6. You can buy any games so long as they're not in the Pets category. It'd be impossible to play Catch-a-Treat without a pet to catch them! 5000 credits is worth it, as you get those 5 games included, and any other pet games we release will be free to those who have pets. 25,000 people have unlocked pets so far, so it's not that hard to save up!


  7. There may be a code to unlock a pet in the future, but it won't be easy to get. Pets are expensive for a reason, you can win lots of credits by having one, and it gives you something to aim for. 32,000 pets have now been bought!


  8. Sorry, I replied to a previous post about the Spongebob pet. Basically we wouldn't be allowed to do it, as Nickelodeon (or someone similar) owns the copyright to those images. We could do something similar, but not exact.


  9. Although this would be a great idea, we are very limited in the sorts of things we can add. I am Learning is, at the heart of it, a revision product, and we have to focus our attention on the games and the exercises. Maybe in the future, as we add more events like the IAL Summer Games last year, we will have some kind of way of getting around.


  10. I have bought a pet and played games and logged in loads o0f times but I don't see the bar changing, please can you help me???


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