Development Update!

Welcome back to school, and welcome back to I am Learning.We’ve had loads of people unlock the pets already, and the pet games have been played hundreds of times! Remember, the pets are expensive, but they’re worth it. You can win some massive credit bonuses for keeping them happy, and whenever we release another pet game, you’ll get them for free! The most popular pet? The dragon!

Anyway, enough of that. What are we up to next? Well, we’re obviously working on new Iamable parts and games, but we’re also working to improve i am learning in general. For example, we’re improving quick fire, as that is the way that most people use i am learning. We’re also adding features such as improved audio, and the ability to exit games without losing your score! Is there anything else you’d like to see in the system? If you’ve got any ideas on how to improve i am learning, why not let us know in the comments.

77 thoughts on “Development Update!”

  1. once i saved up lods of credits and i wanted to unlock this cool gane and i had lots of credits to unlock it but i clicked on unlock and it did not work so i tried on a different game and that did not work either so i tried it 3 more times and i did not unlock any games but i had only 100 credits left out of 900!


  2. yeah i mean like you wait forever for them and when your ahead of them iamadroid or whatever his name is not that helpful then so can you make it perminant so none can leave!


  3. do you reckon you could add badges so we could maybe do a special test and if you get them all right you could move up in iamlearning instead of doing some tests over and over again
    ( please like the other person said REPLY!)


  4. We can't stop people just closing the page though. We're trying our best to stop this from happening, I guess at the end of the day it's them losing out, as they'll be getting bad grades on homeworks, and no credits for leaving a game early!


  5. The “Global” thing happens to me too! :O It won't let me refresh or access another website by typing the URL at the top! The loading symbol does come up but it's frozen! Everything else works, it just doesn't let me exit the Global leaderboard unless I exit the window!


  6. please please can we have more codes like ones for pop stars clothes and stuff like that and could we be able to personalise clothes with pictures and if you get 5 anwsers right you get i mistery box with credits or free cloths in


  7. Can you make a masssssive table where we can feed our I am able.

    ps pppppppppppppllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee

    Why when you want to publish your question does it say please prove you are not a robot.


  8. We get a lot of spam comments full of viruses and scams. The robot checker stops that happening. As to the question of feeding your Iamable, it sounds bizarre, but it has given me an idea for a game where you'd feed your Iamable. Might be cool!


  9. when I first wanted to buy a pet, the dragon was only 2500 credits. Now that I can afford that 2500 credit price the price went up to 5000 credits like all of the rest of the pets. I prefer that 2500 credit price

    (a) Why isn't the dragon price still 2500 credits?
    (b) Why wasn't all of the other pets 2500 credits when they first came out?


  10. Thanks for your comments.

    (a) The dragon was half price to celebrate St. George's Day. It was on sale for one week.
    (b) This is why the pets aren't all that price.

    GOOD NEWS THOUGH! Soon, ALL the pets will be at a reduced price! So keep checking back here to find out more!


  11. great way to learn is it possible that you give a daily bones of coins a day and make at least one of the pets thanks x


  12. I would like it if we could talk to our buddies and leave them messages, and I would like it if the pets would be cheaper.


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