New Iamable Outfits!

 We’ve always have a lot of people requesting new Iamable parts. Many people though, think we release too many ‘boy’ outfits. So good news girls, here’s an update just for you!

We’ve released a range of dresses, tops and skirts, including our number one requested items: A school uniform! There’s even a Tutu for all you dancers out there! They’re all in the IAL Shop now, ranging from 20 to 100 credits.

As always, anything you’d like to see, just leave a comment! Also, keep your eyes out for more items this week, including three brand new pets! Keep checking back here to find out more!

19 thoughts on “New Iamable Outfits!”

  1. Great outfits! Could you consider creating simple tattoos? Like stars, flowers, dragons and some abstract patterns too?



  2. can u release more games cause they r all getting boring and wen i play a multiplayer game the opponent quits wen we havent even started the first round 😦


  3. That's a good question. Unfortunately this won't be happening. Because of the minimum legal age to be able to have a tattoo in real life, many people (teachers, parents etc) would object to allowing people under 16 to have them on the Iamable. We wouldn't want to encourage that sort of thing.


  4. yeah rockin – Yes, it rocks
    remember hollywood and J Lo – Remember to create some Hollywood/J-Lo style outfits

    I think that's what it means… XD


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