New Pets!

Earlier this week, we hinted at getting some new pets. Well here they are!

Inspired by a similar announcement a few weeks ago, these are the first of many new pets to be released this year. To celebrate, these three critters are reduced by 25%, so they’ll only cost 3750 credits instead of the usual 5000. Hurry though, they’re only on sale for a week (give or take). 

The next group of pets we release will be taken from some of our favourite games. Are there any I am Learning stars you’d like to see? The monkey from Whack-a-Monkey? A mining mole? Even an alien? Leave a comment below!

90 thoughts on “New Pets!”

  1. Bro I dont think nintendo would sue you considering they copied your new pet designs for the new game. Look up ‘Gen 6 starters Pkmn’ trust me its too good of a coincidence


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