New Pets!

Earlier this week, we hinted at getting some new pets. Well here they are!

Inspired by a similar announcement a few weeks ago, these are the first of many new pets to be released this year. To celebrate, these three critters are reduced by 25%, so they’ll only cost 3750 credits instead of the usual 5000. Hurry though, they’re only on sale for a week (give or take). 

The next group of pets we release will be taken from some of our favourite games. Are there any I am Learning stars you’d like to see? The monkey from Whack-a-Monkey? A mining mole? Even an alien? Leave a comment below!

90 thoughts on “New Pets!”

  1. u got that from skylanders i used to have it for my birthday this year but sold it with my ps3 to my cousin 2 reasons why 1 cause his melted and 2 cause my parents found out i played gta iv on it


  2. i know a pet game u cud add pet creator where u can choose how u want ur pet and at the end u cud buy it 4 ur iamable if u hav enough creds


  3. I had an electronic Spyro mini-game from McDonald's a looong time ago… You had to catch all the diamonds while avoiding the…other creatures…


  4. i think u shud add trophies 4 the pet games and u cud have ur own range of minecraft pets and i thimk u shud be able 2 name ur pet


  5. speaking of new pets, could you get some pets like thunder wolf and lion?
    oh yeah and could you please make the pets cheaper or else ill be bankrupt of credits!!!


  6. Those three pets look oddly close to the three starters in Pokemon X and Y, Generation 6… Very similar in fact.


  7. i know some clothes u cud add magic swords wands and a alien costume and u shud have pet clothes and pet toys and hats and glasses etc.


  8. on superhero creator i think u shud be able to choose the gender of ur character cause that unfair on all those girls that like girl heros


  9. i think u shud have swimming shorts and a body of a male that has no top on and u shud release clothes 4 summer like the idea ive just gave u about the swimming shorts and the topless body


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