Complicated maths…

In the office this week we have been mostly using… Trigonometry! For those of you who want to become games developers, or something similar, take note! Maths is used in all aspects of gaming, from simple score addition, to complex collision detection and physics.

What game do YOU think we’re making right now? We think it’s going to be our most popular game yet, and we can’t wait to show off some screenshots when they’re ready! Check back soon to see!

6 thoughts on “Complicated maths…”

  1. There is a glitch in air hockey on the cpu's side. It disappears and you can't finish the game or the revision.


  2. i think u shud be able to view other peoples profiles on ial and see how many credits theyve got and view their room etc


  3. meh… i'll become an actor instead to bad i wanted to make a game called town life where you solve peoples problems and go to diffrent houses!!!!


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