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Upcoming games preview!

Our upcoming football game!

Car Tune 2: The long awaited sequel

It’s been a while since the last games we’ve released, so here’s a preview of the next two. We think they’re going to be really popular. Car Tune is one of our top played design games, so we’re really excited to release a follow up!

Penalty Shootout is our most popular game, so we’ve been wanting to release another football game for ages. We think this one is going to be massively popular too. It’s a 1 v 1 take on the beautiful game. You choose your favourite team from 20 available, then head out to the pitch. The more questions you get right, the more time you get to play. There’s also 3 difficulty levels to suit beginners, right up to seasoned veterans!

These games are only days away (hopefully) and we’re sure you’ll love them! Keep checking back to see how we’re doing, and when they’re out, we’ll post a handy hints and tips guide so you can get straight to the top of the league!

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