St. George’s Day Unlock Code!

Happy St. George’s Day everyone! Although St. George is famous for slaying the mighty dragon, our Dragon pet is actually really friendly! Also, our sword (whilst legendary) is also made of tin foil, so no slaying here!

Long story short, to celebrate, here’s an exclusive unlock code for St. George’s Armour, complete with helmet and shield. Also, you can complete the outfit with the Dragon pet and Legendary, Ceremonial, Tin-Foil Sword. Both are now HALF PRICE for this week only!

St. George’s Armour: 23040

23 thoughts on “St. George’s Day Unlock Code!”

  1. on ial i think u shud be able to send challenges to a multiplayer game from ur phone to ur fiends phone and tht wud be cool


  2. yeah which at tht price is really expensive and ive been savin up 4 ages and ive currently got 4025 creds plz make the sword cheaper 😦


  3. I'm just sayin I think u should be able 2 talk 2 ur friends on the phone so u can keep in touch and have challenges 2gether


  4. We think that St George looks cool! 🙂 The armour is quite expensive and we think that the dragon should be a bit bigger! St George looks as if he could eat up the dragon! Lol!


  5. The armour featured here is free! Just pop that unlock code into your drawer in the IAL room and it's yours! The sword and dragon are pretty expensive though! I agree about the dragon, but bear in mind it's only a baby (probably)


  6. its a pretty cool piece of kit if you haven't got I suggest you should. its not the best thing but its better than the super hero costume.


  7. The sword should be affordable because we work hard and we don't get the reward. Either publish a cheat code or reduce the swords price please. By doing this it will encourage more young people to use this website as they have a goal (the sword) which is achievable. Thank you


  8. We hope there is always an achievable goal in the system. Whether that be a new game for 200, a pet for 5000, robes for 15,000, a party hat for 50,000 or the sword for 99,999. Believe it or not, there are lots of people who have more than 100,000 credits.


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