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New games!

You may have seen our ‘coming soon’ post last week. Well, as promised, here are two new games! Check below for some more information about ‘Goals of Glory’ and for ‘Car Tune 2’.


  • This game has three difficulty levels. On easy, the opposition player will not move closer than the halfway line. Hard mode means the opponent will be faster, jump higher and have better reactions.
  • The teams don’t have an effect on gameplay, they’re just a way to show your favourite!
  • High scores are saved if you beat your previous best. The score is calculated as your goals, minus their goals. So if you scored 20 goals over all 4 matches, and they scored 8, your final score would be 12.
  • Get used to the exact height your player jumps. This will make it so much easier to anticipate attacks. 


  • There are over 2,000,000 combinations in this game!
  • Both cars are modeled after real world cars. can you guess what they are?
  • At the end of the quiz, you can print out your creation to show your friends!
  • Perfect if you’ve exhausted the options in the original Car Tune.
  • If you like this game, make sure to unlock the original too!

We hope you like these new games. They’re already getting hundreds of plays, and I reckon ‘Goals of Glory’ is going to be our most popular game ever!

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