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IAL Games second unlock code!

The Games are really taking off now! We’re a third of the way through the competition and things are starting to get serious. Here are a few stats about the Game so far:

  • Sprinting is our most popular game.
  • Rowing is the least played game so far.
  • Our athletes have sprinted over 5,000,000 metres. That’s from London to The USA!
  • 78,000 hurdles have been cleared!
  • Over 5000 boats have been used in rowing. If you stacked them up end to end, they’d reach into Outer Space!
  • More people are using I am Learning than ever before! Amazing!
  • This blog is getting more visits than ever too! 

To celebrate these awesome statistics, we’ve decided to release another unlock code. This time, it’s the turn of the female athletes taking part in the IAL Games! Keep up the good work everyone. The higher the numbers, the better the Games! The more people visit this blog and our Facebook page, the more unlock codes we can release, so keep checking back here for more! 

IAL Games 2013 Jacket, Dress and Running Top – 87848

14 thoughts on “IAL Games second unlock code!”

  1. Ok, this is off topic, but do you think it might be possible to create a cute little panda for one of the next pets? Me and my friends love pandas and that would be SOOOO cool!


  2. can you please have pet sales and a cheetah as a pet for i am learning .know it sounds lame but i lowe cheetshs


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