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I am Learning Games Third Unlock Code

We’re into the final third of the IAL games and competition is really hotting up! The leader boards are changing almost daily, and thousands of people are playing every day. 
Here are a few more stats about The Games, and another unlock code to thank for everyone taking part!

  • In Weightlifting, the total weight lifted is nearly 2000 fully grown elephants!
  • Over 36,000 divers have fallen a massive total of 221 miles. That’s the same height as the International Space Station orbits The Earth!
  • Our sprinters have now run far enough to get to America AND back again!

Celebrating Vest and Supporter Flags – 35247

3 thoughts on “I am Learning Games Third Unlock Code”

  1. Could you please have the score displayed as the highest score they've had and not the average, as if someone has to stop early, it could ruin their score!


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