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Linty’s Quest!

Meet Linty. He’s a fully grown Furball, enjoying a peaceful life. Until Gritty, his arch nemesis turns up and kidnaps his Furball friends! Now Linty has to jump, double jump and roll his way through over 25 levels to save as many Furballs as he can! 

  • Dodge falling boulders, spike traps, spinning blades, lasers, UFOs and more!
  • 26 levels with level codes! You’ll need to play the game many, many times in order to reach the final boss and defeat Gritty once and for all!
  • Use a level code to return to any level you’ve played at any time! Make sure to write them down!
  • Travel from the simple grasslands to the forests. Climb mountain tops, leap through the clouds and finally, reach the moon!
  • Choose upgrades for Linty. Make him stronger or more agile. You’ll need to choose wisely if you want to save all the Furballs!

23 thoughts on “Linty’s Quest!”

  1. You get a level code at the end of the game. Also, the code for the level you are on is displayed on the level select screen at the bottom right. This is also where you input new codes!


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