Student Voice – Creating an ‘I am learning Club’ by Harry Hodgson

Hi blog readers!

My name’s Harry Hodgson, a recent year 11 student from a secondary school in Doncaster. For the past year I’ve run an I am learning club, which is a fantastic idea and an easy way to socialise and revise and play games! I want to tell you how to start an I am learning club; what to do and how to do it. Let’s get going…

The I am learning club is incredibly easy to get started:

  • Tell your teachers that you want to start a club and explain that it’s all education based. They will love the idea!
  • Find a computer suite that is free during a lunch time.
  • Once you’ve found a location, ask for permission to promote the club, make posters, banners and any other materials you can think of.
  • Spread the word and get as many people to attend as possible!
  • Elect a couple of enthusiastic people to be Iambassadors who will be responsible and help run the club.
  • Success, you’ve done it! Make sure you keep up the good work and bathe in your own awesomeness.

You have your club. You have your club members… But what now? Well, now you can reap the benefits:

  • Loads of cool rewards and exclusive unlock codes.
  • Socialise with peers, make new friends, but most of all… have fun!
  • Iambassadors are exclusive to the club and allow you to represent I am learning throughout the school and help the club develop new ideas.
  • Receive certificates based on the amount of time you spend on I am learning.
  • Become the brightest I am learner in the class and be the best gamer too!

That is pretty much all you need to know. Remember…the I am learning club is all about you and your peers. I would love to hear all your thoughts and feedback, so drop a comment below and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. I hope to see you all running I am learning clubs very soon!

  • Harry Hodgson.

1 thought on “Student Voice – Creating an ‘I am learning Club’ by Harry Hodgson”

  1. Hey, guys!!! Why aren't you commenting, it's a great idea! In my school I'm sure it's gonna spread out really quickly, as it probably will in most schools that use iamlearning as well!

    P.S. Harry, was it your own idea, cos' if it is then I ( and all of my friends admire you , cos' we'd never come up with it!!!!!


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