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Welcome Back!

It’s that time again; Sharpen those pencils and get logging in to I am Learning! We hope you had a great summer. We sure did, making I am Learning even better for you! We’re still putting the final touches on things, but believe me, it’ll blow you away. We’re adding loads of amazing new features that will really change the way you play the games, and how you revise in general. We’re also changing how you interact with other people using I am Learning.

We really want you guys to get the best out of our system, and the best way to do that is to join our Facebook page. We’ll be posting exclusive unlock codes, game tips and loads more. The Facebook page will be the only way of getting these extras, so if you’ve got Facebook, head on down and ‘like’ us right away! (If you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry!)

We’ll be updating this blog with lots more information very soon (we don’t want to give too much away just yet, it’s a secret to everybody) so keep checking back!

6 thoughts on “Welcome Back!”

  1. WHY!!!!! have my revision time been taken off, is it because its done term after term.
    I ask this because my school (bath community academy) only joined last term so I'm not to sure


  2. can you guys please improve some things such as the control issues with some/most of the games such as “linty quest” with having the down key being the high just and the bad jumping. Also in “match 1 moles” it's almost impossible to get the hang of the controls. Also it is also way harder than it should be to get credits to unlock some of the games, I've plowed through most of the stages in “time fighter” and I only got around 15 to 20 credits and it just forces people to keep playing the same game over and over until eventually they would just turn the website off. The final complain about this website is that most people only go on I Am Learning for the games and when they realize how frustrating it is to get to the good parts of the website they will just stop going on it, making the website helpless. I'm not a hater of this website because of the large positives but I personally think that it could be better. Please reply to this comment and if anyone would disagree well, ITS MY OPINION!
    thank you for your time
    Marcin from CTK


  3. Thanks for your feedback. Linty's Quest is actually one of our most popular games, so we won't be changing the control scheme, as we wouldn't want to confuse people. You can use 'S' to do the double jump if that makes things easier.

    The credits are based on your score in the quiz, not the games. This means that if you answer all your questions right, you'll get far more credits. You can actually get enough to buy a new game every time you do a quiz; For example, if you revise English, Maths or Science on a weekend, you can get over 200 credits if you get 100%!

    The majority of our users actually use I am Learning as a better way of doing their homework; The games are just a way of making it more fun! There are around 90 games in the system right now, with more being added frequently, so there shouldn't be much repetition!

    I hope this has answered most of your questions!


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