Three years ago, The Legendary Spellcasting Hero defeated the Evil Dark Lord Nisdarohl and his minions. It has been peaceful ever since… Until now! The Dragon Queen Tintaral has awoken, and she is seeking revenge against the Spellcaster Crew! It’s time to team up and take her out! 

This game is half price right now, so hurry over to I am learning now to play it!

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16 thoughts on “Spellslinger”

  1. I think there should be a cheat code for money that can be only used once a day to not make it to overpowered and when you use it it should be around 250 credits but the more the merryer! And also make a melon suit cuz my coisin's obbsesed with melons! And one more thing make a iron sword to go with the armour but please dont make it a stupid price like 99999, make it about 1000 or 2000!

    Your freind, Rowan.


  2. We probably won't be adding any more swords. A melon suit sounds pretty weird! We also don't want to make a credits cheat. Credits HAVE to be earned through hard work. It wouldn't be fair to give cheaters an advantage!


  3. ok. But i have another idea! It would be pretty cool if you did a town with a shop, houses, a huge skyscraper to see the latest updates and stuff, an arcade to get to games and a school to get to homework and stuff! You could also add some cleaver scheme to click on the ground to make your iamable walk around would make it even better!
    I hope this idea is passed on.

    Your friend, Rowan.


  4. Ok then. Mabey an xp bar where you can get xp for revising and doing homework and you could level up and each time you level up you get a small reward (the higher the level the better the reward!) like for level 1 you could get a sparkler. Level 2 a blue frog hoodie. Level 3 a party blower mouth. So and so. Oh oh! And a mission bar where you do missions for a small ammount of credits and before you say it you HAVE to work hard for credits but you would be working hard to complete the mission e.g: get no qustions wrong in Quick fire, win all the sprints in the sprinting game, Collect all the furballs in the Linty's quest game. I thaught it would spruce up i am learning a bit. Please pass this idea on.

    Your friend, Rowan.


  5. i wish this game was on her too it looks well good but i am learning is going for an update thing soon cant wait to see what it is goin to look like


  6. i have loads of credits and by loads i mean thousands of credits i have every single game that you can get i log on at school and at home 6 times a week or 7 days a week at least 360 times a year i love i am learning i started going on it since very start of year 3 but that was ages and ages ago!!!!!

    Beth out xox


  7. Can you plz make it so if you complete spellcaster or get over 100,000 xp you get the dark lord final boss guys armor and helm


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