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Firework Frenzy!

  To celebrate Bonfire Night, we’ve released a brand new game! Firework Frenzy is a fast paced action game where you detonate fireworks in order to create an awesome show! Here’s a few hints and tips to help you get the highest scores you can!

  • Chaining the same coloured fireworks increases your score each time.

  • Shiny fireworks destroy every firework on the screen, but they don’t add to your combo.

  • The more questions you get right, the more fireworks you’ll get!

  • Although you can’t see the timer, the round lasts for 15 seconds. Plan your clicks so you don’t miss that last firework!

  • Don’t worry about hitting every rocket; sometimes it’s worth just going for one colour!

   Hopefully these tips will help your scores skyrocket! So what are you waiting for? Get over to I am learning and play Firework Frenzy now!

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