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Footy Fiesta ’14

For those of you who have been using I am Learning for more than a year, you might remember the IAL Summer Games of 2012 and 2013. Well, this year we’re doing something slightly different.

Footy Fiesta ’14.

Do you like Goals of Glory? Good! We’re releasing a new version, with all 32 World Cup teams. Who will you be? 

Do you like Penalty Shootout? Good! We’re releasing a new version of that too!

Best of all, every goal you score in each game is added up, and you could win a prize! Fancy a VIP tour of Wembley Stadium? Then get playing (not yet, it’s not out yet).

HOLD IT! That’s not all! We want to see just how much you guys are using I am Learning. So we’ve got a plan. We want to get all 23 England squad members to Brazil. For that, we need your help. For every hour spent in I am Learning, our IAL plane moves one mile closer to Brazil. To carry all players, it’s going to take 128,064 hours of revision. That’s a lot, but we can do it!

There’ll also going to be Iamable outfits, changes to the IAL Room and loads more. So get ready. It’s going to be a great summer in I am Learning!

3 thoughts on “Footy Fiesta ’14”

  1. does anyone know the code for the footy fiesta costumes??? if so please tell me. thx. and that sounds really cool!


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