Guest Post: Larry the Mechanic

For a quick bit of info on Footy Fiesta, we wanted to hear from someone directly involved. So, we went to Larry. You might recognise Larry from such popular I am Learning games as Car Tune or Heli-Rescue. Lets see what he has to say.

“Oh hey. Larry here. I don’t like doing writing like this so I’ll be quick. I gots stuff to fix! I been fixing this hear here plane. We’re using this thing to fly those overpa footballer guys across to Brazil. I don’t know why, but I ain’t paid to ask questions! 
You know, fly a guy there, auto-hyper-remote control it back. Simple really. It’s over 6000 miles there and back, so we’s gonna need lots o’ fuel. That’s where yous guys come in! For every hour you spends in I am Learning, the plane moves a mile! It’s easy, so long as yous guys’s keep on’ workin’! Now leave me alone, I’ve gots stuffs to do!”

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