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Footy Fiesta Code: PART NINE!

Here it is. The second to last part of the unlock codes. 


Now, you have enough for one of the codes! In fact, you actually have all the numbers needed for BOTH the codes (as the final number is a duplicate of one you already have)! But where do the numbers go? Well OK, here’s a hint!

One code starts with a 1 and ends in a 4. It also has a 6 in it somewhere.

The other has three 2s. It also has 2+2+2 and 2x2x2!

Can you figure them out yet? Tomorrow you get the last piece of the puzzle. The necessary number needed to crack and complete the cryptic codes. So check back tomorrow! 

Just to point out, no one has guessed either of them yet. I’m really quite disappointed!

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