Fourteen Fun Footy Fiesta ’14 Facts

Footy Fiesta ’14 has really kicked off! It’s been on for a week now, so I thought I’d share a few stats we’ve collected so far.

  1. Goals of Glory: Footy Fiesta is being played over 5 times more than the original every day.
  2. Penalty Shootout: Footy Fiesta is being played 4 times more than the original every day.
  3. They are now the most popular games in our system!
  4. Scoring your first goal in GoG:FF is now our most unlocked achievement.
  5. Only four people are bad enough at GoG that they’ve let the opponent score 500 times!
  6. Only 24 people have scored more than 250 goals in GoG
  7. Only ONE person has over 25 clean sheets in GoG
  8. No one has missed EVERY goal in Penalty Shootout. Good work!
  9. However over 100 people have scored every goal in one game of PS:FF
  10. Only 500 people have used our Footy Fiesta unlock codes! Come on guys, we can do better than that: 12614 for the Brazil Kit; 82622 for Samba Dancers!
  11. As of now, we only have ONE member of the England Squad in Brazil. (Although the second can see the shores by now). We need to get at least 11 by the end of the month!
  12. Bhargava V is at the top of the GoG league, but only by about 100 goals. Will they be top by the end of the month?
  13. Amy A is running away with the PS league trophy. Can anyone beat her? You’ll need 2,410 goals to do so!
  14. And finally: There are more Dragons on the league tables than footballers. How does that even make sense?!

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